A Powerful Concentrated Liquidity Protocol

Swap, earn and build with Crema's programmable liquidity network and unleash the full potential of your assets.

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Concentrated Liquidity

NFT Liquidity Farming

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Concentrated Liquidity

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For Traders

Embrace the higher market depth and lower price slippage
The price impact of user orders is much less on CLMM pools because there is more liquidity concentrated around the current price.

For Liquidity Providers

Maximize the utilization of their capital
LPs can earn transaction fees more efficiently by specifying a narrow and reasonable price range. Extra incentives will also be distributed through NFT liquidity farming.

For Developers

Integrate Crema's service with no barriers
Crema will be a core building block of the Defi 2.0 infrastructure on Solana. Any Solana-based application can easily call or integrate Crema's service with its ready-to-use SDK.
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2021 Q4

Project Started

R&D Started

Devnet Beta Release

2022 Q1

Mainnet Release

Integrate with Aggregators

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Permissionless Pool

2022 Q3

DAO Platform Started

Internal Oracle

2022 Q4

Crema Chain

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Cross-Chain Swap

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